We want you to feel safe on campus.


Hi, my name is Nina: I founded this company as full-time college student and I have since graduated from UNC Chapel Hill. 

As a student, I have experienced the burden of feeling unsafe on campus. It's no secret that even on a Tuesday, walking home from the library at 1AM can feel dangerous. I refused to spend the rest of my college experience feeling unsafe, so I created grooop for the millions of students like me. 

 grooop is simple: college students use an intuitive app to feel confident on campus.  Anytime, anywhere.


Become a Campus Advocate


The Campus Advocates are college students or college graduates living in a college town. We are looking for individuals that are passionate about promoting a safe environment on their campus. Campus Advocates will help us promote campus safety for all students.


  • Willing to participate in weekly/biweekly calls 

  • Active on social media and willing to promote campus safety and the app

  • Interested in organizing events promoting campus safety awareness

  • Excited to provide feedback on the app and the wearable device

  • Easily accessible and responsive


  • A recommendation letter from the CEO for future jobs

  • Experience with a startup company

  • grooop swag to wear and promote 

  • Being part of an important cause to increase campus safety for millions

  • The ability to explore talents/interests in order to build out your resume even as an ambassador

Our Current Campus Advocates

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