The Weather Calls for Sunny and Safe Skies

Happy Summertime,

We know for some of you once LDOC (last day of classes) commences or once you ace your last final, your work still isn’t done. Whether it’s a summer job, internship, or even volunteering -- you’re still on the go and working hard. Read more to learn how Grooop  makes arriving to work, being on the clock, and leaving work safest as possible.

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Many jobs require that their employees arrive in the wee hours of the morning or stay into the late hours of the night to close-up or clean. We understand that solo walks to a parking lot or garage (especially in the dark) is pretty scary and potentially dangerous. One of Grooop’s goals is to eliminate this threat and keep you connected to a virtual community in order to ensure your safety.

We recommend creating a grooop of coworkers, so you can keep them updated on your status on and off the job. Making your workplace a safe zone through the app allows you to alert your coworkers if you are in potential danger when arriving or leaving work. Building a work grooop has the potential to promote a stronger sense of community in the workplace, too.

Using Grooop as a way to inform your work besties when you are “ready” can even score you a buddy when leaving work or going on breaks. The buddy system holds true with the app, and with the “ready” status, you can plan with your coworkers safe walks to your car or public transportation.

Ok, ok now enough about working. Enjoy your summer break, and share with us the ways you have been using Grooop to stay safe. Let’s make summer safer together.

Peyton Miyares,

Grooop Intern