Thrive During Football Season with Grooop

Hey Grooop,  

It’s that time of year again, when we’ve all settled back into the routine of school again. The smell of new textbooks, the taste of dining hall meals and the sound of busy students hustling to class fills our minds. 

Getting back in the groove on campus is made easy with Grooop. Here’s how.

Football season, darty season, tailgate season - whatever you call an excuse to go out decked in college gear - is upon us. 

This summer, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed a bill into law that permits the legal selling of beer and wine at certain college sporting events. University officials across the state are engaging in conversations regarding what this means for their students’ game-day experience and how this will affect the drinking culture on campus. The decision however is up to individual campuses, so stay tuned. 

With the potential threat of intoxicated, competitive fans at stadiums this year, take the proper precautions with having a safety grooop of fellow students. 

Passionate students from home and away teams fill bars and parking lots in anticipation of big games. Use caution when bouncing around at your pregame festivities and especially on your commute to the venue (see previous blog post by Ruthie Brady on tips for using rideshare apps). 

Aside from the peppy cheerleaders and dancing mascots, some dangers lurk in the shadows at college sporting events. Grooop minimizes dangerous situations by ensuring you are prioritizing you and your friends’ safety. 


Adding the Grooop app to your “Widgets” screen when you swipe left on your home screen allows you to update your safety status without even opening the app! 

Here’s the tea: When your phone service doesn’t pull through in a crowded stadium or building, Grooop does. Proven reliable at concerts and sporting events, Grooop is a steadfast vehicle for communication, especially when your text messages turn green or phone calls fail. 


Before entering the stadium, it is important to establish a meeting spot in the event you get split up from your game-day crew. Make this meeting spot one of your safety zones from the start through the app. Then you can update your friends that you have made it to the meeting spot and are waiting for them by selecting “I’m good” or “I’m ready.”

Drink responsibly and stay safe!

Peyton Miyares

Grooop Intern