A Safer 2019

Happy Friday!

A few weeks into the New Year and how many resolutions have you already broken? Be honest with yourself. Of all the resolutions that you made, were any of them small changes? Maybe you aspired to start a diet that went out the window after a week. Something that January always sparks is the thought of what is important to us. We resolve to do things we think are important or good for us — most people try to better their health or accomplish a longtime goal of theirs. If physical or mental health is a priority for most people going into the New Year, keeping yourself safe could easily be something to emphasize in the months to come.

Safety is just as important as eating healthy or working out, but somehow it is rarely a New Years Resolution to stay safer. While easily overlooked, it is also easily improved upon.

There are small things you can do to prioritize safety in 2019 without changing anything about your routine or the way you like to go out. Grooop’s favorite safety tips:

Use foresight.

By anticipating potentially unsafe situations or understanding how to navigate your surroundings ahead of time, you and your friends can easily avoid uncomfortable situations. Having a plan is both comforting and ensures no one is left completely in the dark if separated.

Trust your gut.

9 times out of 10, if something feels wrong or off, that’s because it is. Trust the sinking feeling in your stomach when it comes. This isn’t being paranoid; in fact, this is ensuring you stay safe. It is always better to stay alert than to lapse into an uncomfortable and threatening situation.

Be a good friend.

It may seem obvious, but being a good friend is one of the best things you can do to keep your grooop safe. If someone feels uncomfortable or is Ready to Go, you can be the person to walk home with them or to get everyone to relocate together. Making sure everyone is accounted for and that no one is left alone is a small but impactful thing that you can do every time you go out.

Grooop makes it almost effortless to do these things with the app. Status updates and making new grooops keep you connected and on top of things. Share your safety resolutions with your friends and make going out a more connected experience.

Cori Patrick
VP Marketing

Photo credits to Amy Shamblen.