Summer Safety

Hi everyone!

As we get deeper into the month of May, everyone and their grooops begin to depart on summer adventures. Whether you are taking classes, studying abroad, have a job or internship, or any number of other opportunities, Grooop can help you stay safe and connected all summer long.

If you are moving to a new city for the summer or studying abroad, it is important to start a grooop with other people in the same place as you. Not only does this help you connect with and make new friends, but you can keep other people informed of your status in an unfamiliar city. The social aspect of the app is great for establishing your new circle for the summer.

Summer is also a great time for traveling and even short trips to visit a friend over the weekend are important to update your grooops about. Simple things, like changing your status to Out & About when you are leaving town or that you are Ready to Go when you are coming back, can add security and accountability to your trip.

We hope these quick tips can help you to use the app to your advantage this summer and, as always, stay safe!

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager