Spring Updates

Hi everyone!

Spring is on its way and for some of us it has already arrived (it's about time). With a new season come new updates to the app! We are always trying to make Grooop better for you to use.

With this update you can expect the addition of international numbers to the app. This is great for your friends studying abroad with an international phone number. Find yourself in this situation? You can make a grooop with all of your international friends and stay safe wherever you are in the world.


Safety is a priority for Grooop but it is a social app, too. That means that adding friends to a grooop from all corners of the globe is just as fun as it is functional. You may not be going out with those friends for the semester they are abroad, but the app is a unique way to stay connected without being together!

Make sure to keep inviting your friends to use the app and update yours to enjoy the great new features.

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager