A Message from Our Founder

Hello again!

What an exciting nine months it has been since the launch of the app. I wanted to share some exciting updates and encouraging words. Since the launch, we have been able to reach students and families all over the world, and we have campus advocates at over ten campuses (check them out on the ‘Join Our Team’ page)! We have appeared in educational magazines, collegiate newspapers, social media, and on high school and college campuses. The most exciting news I have to report is that I will be given the opportunity to present and share my idea at the ASU x GSV 2018 Summit in San Diego, California. I am beyond thankful and humbled by this opportunity, and I cannot wait to show all of you how it goes via social media.

International Women’s Day and The International Day of Happiness are both held in the month of March, and I wanted to reflect on what it means to be a young entrepreneur, as well as what it means to be the CEO of Grooop. I have always considered myself a driven, confident, and resilient leader. Yet, for some reason I was programmed to picture most companies with a male at the “top." So many women have been robbed of their determination, their confidence, their voice, or even their innovations because of this intimidating, preconceived idea. I am here to prove the falsity of that male-driven world. Our generation has shown that women can run the world too, and no woman or girl should ever back down from an opportunity. Grooop has given me the chance to found and lead a company, as a woman, and to do it with confidence. A motto I stick true to whenever I am talking about Grooop is, “Your idea will only go as far as you believe in it.” I believe in Grooop, and my passion has been able to inspire others around the world.

The International Day of Happiness helped to humble me in this adventure that has been running a startup. I love being able to create the first hybrid social-safety app, but of course it has not been smooth sailing every single day. We run into bugs, we don’t always have exponentially growing user base, but I end each day knowing that I can be happy with the work done in that 24 hours. Being a student and running a company is not “easy,” but it should never be discouraged. After high school and 3 years of college, I know that young adults are encouraged to load on every activity possible, join every club, and try his or her best to be above average in every field. Here I am telling you it is OKAY to fail. Failing is what fuels the fire. I have been doubted, I have been dismissed for my age, I have been pushed aside for being a woman, and honestly I believe all of these things pushed me and pushed Grooop to be the best it can be.

I am beyond thrilled to be able to continue this journey and to watch Grooop grow this spring. I want to encourage anyone, especially women, that have ideas or passions to not let the distorted ideals of the world to crush your dreams. We will continue to look for ambassadors, so please share the app with your friends and families! Grooop is for families, students, young adults, those overseas, those on American soil, guys, and girls. Remember that we are always safer together.

Nina Barnett
CEO & Founder