Safety is Our Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is a day that some people love and others love to hate. Whether you have a significant other to celebrate with, meeting someone new, or ignoring the day entirely, Grooop is here to keep you safe (as always).

Some people in your grooop might be doing something special with their girlfriend/boyfriend/more-than-a-friend. We want to give a special shoutout to those of you who could be going out and meeting someone new today. It's exciting, it's fun and, with Grooop, it's safe!


Updating your status on the app is even more important when you are going out without your grooop. If you have plans with someone new tonight, make sure to let your friends know when you're "Out & About" so you're not left alone in a potentially uncomfortable situation. On a date with someone who turns out to be not as great as you thought? Let your grooops know by updating to "I'm Ready" — not as serious as sending an Alert but your friends will see that you might need a ride or a well-timed phone call.

Maybe you go on the best date of your life tonight. Use the widget to discreetly let your friends know "I'm Good" — again, this helps you stay off your phone to avoid being rude. You can answer all the nosy texts later but still keep everyone in the loop.

Regardless of your plans tonight (or lack thereof), be sure to show your grooop some extra love today! And as always, stay safer. together.

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager