“Face Time”

Hey everyone!

With school amping up and social calendars filling quickly, there is little time to sit idle these days. During breaks between work and friends, I frequently find myself wasting time on social media, even when there is nothing of interest to look at on my various apps. It is a frustrating feeling to realize you have been idle and mindless on your phone. When out with friends, most people I know will keep their phones in their purses or pockets in order to stay off of them and engage with the people they are with in the moment. After all, no one likes talking to someone who can’t look up from their phone and most people would agree that they value genuine, in-person connections over online, social connections.


Trying to unplug when in a social setting can be hard — it is important to still stay connected and responsive. If someone needs help or is trying to meet up with you, you still need your phone in some capacity. That is where the line is drawn between social behavior and safety measure.

Grooop helps you unplug while staying plugged in to your circles. It’s hard to stay off your phone when your group chat is blowing up, or you need to respond to every “wya.” Status updates on the app let you know if your friends are good where they are, out and about, or ready to leave and your status updates give your friends the same information. Rather than scrolling through a group text or tracking all of your friends, grooop reduces screen time through the app widget. Adding the widget to your lock screen allows you to update your status with a swipe and a tap. Learn more on how to set it up here.

If a friend is Ready to Go, you can also request their location in the app, or pick up the phone and call them. Grooop is all about reenforcing meaningful in-person connections and helping you to keep the people you love safe. Encourage your friends to download the app and set up the widget before the next time you all go out — and enjoy the extra face time you get when you put the screen away.

Cori Patrick
VP Marketing