Take Grooop Anywhere

Hi friends!

We realize that no matter how much you love your campus, people don't stay at their school for the entirety of their college career. You may study abroad, or even take a weekend trip to see a friend at another school. Regardless, you go other places. That's why Grooop works wherever you go.


The app works in other countries! If you're studying abroad make sure to start a grooop with your squad for the semester.

Pro Tip: when you come back, you can turn off status updates for this grooop, so your friends from other schools and countries don't get notifications every time you are Ready to Go.

It is so important to establish some form of communication, especially in an unfamiliar environment where not everyone may be using a phone plan that allows them to text or call wherever they are. For more tips on studying abroad, check out our Safety Abroad post!


Another way that Grooop can stay with you wherever you go is that it works in large arenas when other apps don't. If you go to a concert or large sporting event, it's likely your cell service is less than great. When you can't easily text your friends or track them, you can still update your status and check your friends' statuses on the app.

Be sure to share the app with your friends and stay safe wherever you go!


Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager