Invite your friends

Hey everyone!

Most, if not all, of your friends are back at school or heading there soon. What better time to introduce your grooop to the app than now, at the beginning of a new semester?


A social safety app, Grooop is the most effective when more people are using it. It helps to have all of your friends using the app so that your notifications reach everyone at once — no more texting different people and group messages to figure out what the next move is or to see who is walking home soon.

Simply update your status to achieve the same goal. It just makes sense to have every friend on the same platform, even if they are spread among different grooops.

Invite your friends to the app today by creating a new Grooop and adding them from your contacts — or just shoot them a text! You're one step closer to staying safer. together.

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager