Standout Campus: Vanderbilt University

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As an app that spans all campuses, we like to stay on top of how each school keeps its student body safe. Vanderbilt University has a unique way of doing just that.

Green Dot is a program designed to equip each member of the community with the skills to intervene in interpersonal violence. As a part of the Project Safe Center for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response at Vanderbilt, Green Dot trains students to act from a bystander's position. The goal is to disrupt, reduce, and prevent sexual violence and partner abuse.

Green dots are individual choices that meet in a shared vision — creating the momentum of a social movement.
— Green Dot at Vanderbilt

If a Green Dot signifies a single moment in time, as the Green Dot web page illustrates, which is used to intervene in sexual violence, then each Green Dot makes the community safer for everyone. Any behavior that promotes safety, whether it be a word or an action, can be considered a Green Dot. Even expressing intolerance for rape, relationship violence and harassment makes a difference.

Programs like Green Dot are vital to college campuses nationwide. The concept both raises awareness of and arms victims against threats that are horrifyingly real. Sexual violence, stalking, bullying, and intimate partner violence go unnoticed and unreported far too often.

Even if it is not a physical act, psychological abuse is still a form of interpersonal violence and it leaves scars of its own. Green Dot combats these threats to student safety and seeks to minimize the number of such cases with every action, however big or small.


Since 2009, the Project Safe Center has provided Green Dot Bystander Training to educate students on how they can make a difference in the moments that matter most. The program encourages the community to share their personal Green Dot moment and inspire others to speak up or step in when put in a similar situation.

For more information on Green Dot or the program's Bystander Training, visit and find them on social media.

Many campuses face threats and accordingly craft solutions. From sexual harassment education modules to the Blue Light systems that are found at many universities, programs are spreading and gaining traction. This is important for victims and bystanders alike to know that they are not alone and that change is possible. 

Does your school have a standout program? We want to hear about it. Vanderbilt is just one of the great campuses that is working to make a difference. Through programs like Green Dot we can all hope to stay safer together.

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager