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Every year at the beginning of first semester I spend multiple days trying to set up my room. Creating the perfect space takes time (especially if you're as indecisive as I am). Everyone wants their room to be a place of comfort — after a long day of class there's nothing better than launching yourself into bed and relaxing.

But in addition to arranging and decorating your room just how you like it, grooop thinks it's important to keep your space safe. I've lived in dorms, an apartment, and a house with other students. Here are a few tips on creating and maintaining a secure environment.

Living in a dorm may come as a huge adjustment to many college freshmen. Sharing a space with a roommate, suite mates and hall mates can be a new and uncomfortable experience. To feel as secure as possible in my freshman-year home, I wanted to make sure I was safe.

Photo by yipengge/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by yipengge/iStock / Getty Images

Establishing ground rules with the person you share a room with is a great first step to respecting boundaries and feeling at ease in a new setting. This includes agreeing when to lock your door. It is by far one of the most simple things you can do to stay safe and it takes no more than a few seconds. Agreeing to lock your door every time you leave and to deadbolt it at night can ensure your room will remain secure. 

For those who live in apartments or houses, the front door is an essential yet shared point of entry. Agreeing with your roommates to lock this door can make a common area secure despite the greater traffic it may see than a dorm room shared by two. Another safety tip for those living in groups is to share both class schedules and locations. 

It had never occurred to me that it was important to share my schedule with the people living with me until a roommate proposed the idea. I felt more comfortable knowing that I was accounted for and that at least one other person knew where I was supposed to be throughout the day. Sharing location enforces this personal security; with the latest update to the grooop app you can request a friend's location at the tap of a finger.

Of course, there are other measures you can take to stay safe. A friend of mine keeps pepper spray in the drawer of her nightstand. One boy on my hall freshman year padlocked all of his valuables under his bed. Whatever helps you sleep at night, make it a priority. Safety is the most important part of where you live so don't brush it under the rug.

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Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager