Safer. Wherever.

Hi friends!

Now that we are all mostly settled at our respective homes away from home, friends are itching to visit each other. Whether this requires a short drive or a more ambitious drive, grooop wants to keep you safe wherever you go.

For starters, it's always easier to visit another campus when you have a friend to travel there with you. Not only can you split the price of gas, but you'll have a buddy that is just as out of their element as you are in this new space. It's typical for weekends away to be just as fun as they are exhausting. We want to help you feel secure and less overwhelmed. 


From our past blog posts, you may know that we stress safety in numbers. Here's a tip: make a grooop with your friends who are visiting another campus with you and decide on a common Safe Zone. This will help you know that each other are doing okay and where each other are. Also, don't forget about the app's new feature that lets you request someone's location! This is helpful if you lose track of your host, too.

Another basic way to make your night out in a new city easier is communication with your host. More likely than not, you'll be visiting a friend you are excited to see and you'll want to stick together throughout the night. But we all know that things happen and people get separated. Make a game plan — talk about where you want to go over the course of the night and who you might be with. The more familiar you are with your setting the safer you will feel.

To see your friends, you need a way to get there. Many colleges and universities are within driving distance of each other – unless your grooop split up across different coasts. Don't just get up and drive away (as fun as it is to be spontaneous). Make sure to share your plans with your roommates and maybe shoot a text home. Parents love being in the know.

Keep these simple tips in mind as you visit other schools — don't forget to share your experiences with grooop by tagging us in your pictures! And, as always, stay safer. together.

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager