What's New With Us

What a week! 

We have been so busy here at grooop planning updates and new features to make the app better than ever. Why all the fuss?

Tomorrow we launch at UNC Chapel Hill!

As with any launch, grooop wants to make waves on campus. That's why the latest update of the app (available tomorrow on the app store!) is our best one yet. If you already have grooop, make sure to update your version; and if you don't, this is the perfect time to check out the app and see for yourself what we are all about.


What's new?

For starters, you can now link the app to your Facebook account. Like the screen on the right, this means that you can log in through your Facebook for ease of access to your grooops

As for how the app looks and runs, we are constantly making improvements for speed and accuracy. This update allows users to add a photo to their grooop. You can also add grooops to your favorites. Just by holding down on the grooop from the list on the app's main screen, you can favorite it and
bump it to the top of your screen, like you
can see in the picture below.


We added a feature to keep your friends even safer and more connected. You can now request a location in any status — make sure your friends are safe, comfortable, and accounted for. This safety feature is important because this is what grooop cares the most about. With every update we want our users to feel more secure than before.





There is now a feature for you to invite your friends to the app. Love us? Share the love and get all your people onboard — it takes two to make a grooop so invite some friends and get started!

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager