Make Yourself Heard

Hi friends!

This week we have been ruminating on an issue that goes beyond physical safety — your voice. Leaving home, especially if home for you is a tight-knit community or a small school, can be daunting and belittling. These feelings are often magnified by large campuses, but don't get me wrong, entering any college is an overwhelming experience.

The vast number of people, constantly moving in the same spaces and vying for the same degrees and positions; the endless options, whether it be clubs to join or foods to eat; the distance, between your dorm and classes and between your college and home.

All of these things can overwhelm college students and make an incredible experience seem terrifying (or exciting!). It can be easy to lose your voice, or to feel that you are not heard.

As an app that focuses on safety of the individual through group communication, grooop is passionate about empowering each user to feel both comfortable and heard. Each person's voice is important to us, just as it should be. By allowing one person to send an alert to all of their connections, we allow his or her voice to be heard through the app.

It shouldn't stop there. Every student can make their voice heard, no matter how large their campus may be. On certain mega-campuses, this might prove a harder feat than for students at smaller schools; nevertheless, professors and administrators alike are interested in what you have to say and they want to hear it from you. Public universities allow student groups of all beliefs and causes to meet and share their ideas, and many private colleges also follow suit. Take advantage of this and spread what you believe in — this is a great way to make yourself heard!

We want all of our users and their grooops to feel empowered to make themselves heard. This is vital during your time in college and beyond, so speak up for yourself and don't let your voice get lost in the crowds.

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager