Transportation the Smart Way

Hey everyone! 

Summer is winding down and school is just around the corner for many of us. As much as we hate to leave the beaches and new cities we have frequented over the break, the fall semester promises an exciting new start. With new beginnings come new ways — including methods of transportation. And as always, grooop wants keep you safe through all obstacles and changes! Here are some tips on transportation safety.

               Photo by peeterv/iStock / Getty Images

               Photo by peeterv/iStock / Getty Images

We all know and love apps like Uber and Lyft. They let us request a car to pick us up and drive us to and from any location. The ease of use can be deceptive though. Taking a car alone is never ideal — it can be expensive and puts you in a vulnerable position. Even though drivers for such apps have been background checked and are usually trustworthy, any parent or safety authority would caution riders to travel in groups. It makes the trip cheaper, too!

Most campuses offer bus systems. In my experience, the campus bus is both free and convenient when I need a ride in the rain or am feeling lazy (it happens). The only problem? Public bus service is rarely offered into the night. We recommend that all incoming freshmen find out if their campus has a special service for after hours.

My best friend is my college's late night bus system — it picks you up on the main street of our college town or outside different late-night locations and delivers you as close as possible to different dorms. Both free and safe, I loved this bus all of freshman year.

Every campus offers different transportation. Schools in big cities may rely on the use of the subway, which brings its own set of challenges and warnings. Some colleges offer services like SafeWalk — students volunteer to wait at the library, for example, and offer to walk anyone back to their dorm who is leaving alone late at night. Even study sessions that last until the early morning can lead to unsafe commutes.

We would love to know what your school has to offer! Let grooop know if your college has unique obstacles or solutions to safe transportation by tagging us in a post or sending us an email. And as always, stay safe and travel together with your grooop!


Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager