Standout Features

Hey grooop!

Whether you already have the grooop app or you've found yourself here out of curiosity, I want to share with you some tips on using the app so that you can keep your grooop safe in the best way possible. 

By setting safe zones, you can let your grooop know when you are home or in another familiar location. This is where you would update your status to "Good." When you leave a safe zone, you should change your status to "Out and About," or another option if needed.

My favorite feature of grooop is that the app detects your current location and automatically updates your status for you when you enter or leave a safe zone!

Photo by imtmphoto/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by imtmphoto/iStock / Getty Images

Why do I love this small detail?

It's simple. If one of my best friends walks home at night (even though she knows she should never travel alone), I will be able to see when she gets home safe when her status automatically changes to "Good." If an event arises, my friend's grooops will know because her status has not changed.

As sobering as this thought may be, grooop puts me at ease knowing that my friends are accounted for and that safety is prioritized with every detail of the app's design.

With location detection, automatic status updates, and the ability to send an alert without unlocking your phone, grooop provides resources to make it easy for its users to stay safe. The app was designed to help people feel as comfortable as possible and know that their friends are accounted for; so go out confidently and stay safe!

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager