Safety on Big Holidays

Hi! My name is Cori Patrick and I am a member of the grooop team. You can find me posting about the app on this blog or any of our social media sites (follow us!). 


Between the launch of grooop on the App Store and the Fourth of July holiday, we've had a lot on our minds. But nothing is more important to us than your safety. 


Photo by Raghu_Ramaswamy/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Raghu_Ramaswamy/iStock / Getty Images


Here are some tips on keeping your grooop safe on big holidays like the Fourth: 

- Always stick together and know where the rest of your grooop is. We make this easy for you — you can tell your friends if you are okay staying where you are or if you need to leave, just by updating your status from "Good" to "Ready to Go."

- To minimize the confusion of a celebration with many people present, like watching fireworks for the Fourth of July, make sure your grooop agrees on the plan for the night beforehand. Keep each other updated on changes throughout the evening. With the app's alerts, you can send your friends a notification if you need to relocate!

- Enjoy yourselves responsibly and share grooop with others!



Stay tuned for app updates and more to come!


Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager