Festival Season

Hi friends!

With the progression of the summer comes event after event, including my personal favorite summer pastime — music festivals. We are in the heat of festival season, with different options available around the world from Lollapalooza in Chicago to Tomorrowland in Belgium.

As fun as it can be to attend such events with your #SafeSquad, it can also be very overwhelming. Huge crowds, long days, and unfamiliar locations can obstruct safety. That's why I used grooop to navigate my most recent festival experience.

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images


It can be expected that festival-goers will want to explore all the different stages and see as many artists as possible. This can lead big grooops to split up and staying in contact is essential to keep everyone safe. Surrounded by unfamiliar faces? Send out an Alert immediately to your festival grooop to link back up with your friends ASAP. Let others in your squad know that you've arrived back to wherever you may be sleeping/camping/chilling that night by updating your status to Good. The app is perfect for ease of communication in these situations.

As always, we want our users to feel safe and secure in all situations and summer revelries are no exception!

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager