Safety Abroad

 Happy Wednesday!

Safety on college campuses is the main focus of grooop but our work doesn't end there. The app works around the world, making it possible to keep your friends safe and connected during semesters abroad or even summer trips!


If you choose to study in a location with friends, you can create a grooop for your international squad. All of your friends studying or living in the same place as you will be updated in one centralized grooop.

My friends and I created a grooop for our summer studying in Florence. This let me know when everyone made it home because our apartments were scattered across the city. Having a grooop in Italy put me at ease — going out in foreign cities was an entirely new experience. I felt less comfortable more frequently in unfamiliar environments. The app became an important tool for staying in control of the situation at all times.

Tip: Make sure to set your apartment abroad (or homestay) as a safe zone so the app recognizes when you make it home and automatically updates your status to Good!

We are so sad that some of our friends will be across the world when we go back to school in the fall! Existing grooops will still be able to update each other from separate continents; know how safe your friends are and stay connected in a fun and unique way with the app, whether your crew is together on campus or spread across countries.

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager