safer. together.

Hey Friends! 

I am so excited to share this app with all of you! I developed the idea of grooop right before my freshman year of college, and finally watched it take flight this year. I realized that there was no "fun" or social way to stay safe unless you were physically with all of your friends. Most parents (including my own) had their children downloading different "safety apps" before they left for college, but truth be told, we either never used it, or never even downloaded the app. 

As college students, we think we are invincible. Shortly into my freshman year I realized this was not the case. I live in a very safe college town, but there were still instances where the entire student body had to be alerted about a possible safety threat right by campus and/or our dorms. We always think to ourselves, "It will never happen to me." The truth is, anything could happen, so that is why I created grooop. This way, safety is something intuitive and simple, and not a burden. Grooop creates a world that makes safety accessible, social, fun, and easy.  

I cannot wait to share this vision and passion of mine with you as we launch the app. We have gone through multiple rounds of testing, perfecting, and polishing the app to create an app so incredible you can't imagine how you lived without it. We have campus ambassadors across the U.S., and even some across the globe, but we are always looking for more. I hope you can sleep more soundly and rest easier with your download of grooop. Remember, even if we aren't physically with each other, we are safer. together. 

Nina Barnett

CEO, Founder of Grooop