A few of our favorite things...

Hi everyone!

After using the app for some time, it's easy to pick which features you use the most and what you like best about Grooop. Maybe your friends love to request your location; maybe you like to tell people when you're "Ready to Go." One of our favorite things about the app is more than just a feature.


We love that Grooop is all about being social. Making a group of your friends lets you connect with you number ones all at once. It's better than a group message because you don't have to say anything! Status updates are a quick and easy way to let everyone know how you're doing and what you're up to. It only takes a few seconds to update your status, which means less time spent on your phone.

Staying safe is important. It should always be a priority, but sometimes it is the last thing on anyone's mind, especially in a social setting. It's easy to have fun with friends and just enjoy yourself. That is exactly what Grooop wants to enable its users to do!

Going "Out and About" should be fun and care-free and using the app's updates it is. You're automatically accounted for by all of your closest friends and anyone else you share a grooop with and that takes the weight off your shoulders. Instead of burying your head in your phone, texting about plans and wanting to leave, the app allows you to socialize and unplug for a worry-free night.

Today it gets harder and harder to do anything without your phone. Staying safe shouldn't be one of them.

We want to hear how your grooop stays safer. together. Reach out to us on social media!

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager