Standout Campus: Appalachian State University

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Today, grooop wants to highlight a campus that has admirably responded to current events and related safety threats. Appalachian State University, located in Boone, North Carolina, has a proactive campus police department. The University Police started a program called "Shots Fired," an hour-long presentation to educate the community on specific ways to react in a situation with an active shooter.

The presentation focuses on the App State campus but has important tips that students and faculty can use in any environment; this is genuinely preparing the campus community for a terrifying but potential safety threat.

The Appalachian State University Police Department is committed to providing a safe working, living and learning environment through a community oriented policing philosophy that emphasizes crime prevention and crime solving through partnerships, education and awareness programs, pro-active patrolling and quality officer training.
— Appalachian State University Police Department, "Our Mission"
Photo by SochAnam/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by SochAnam/iStock / Getty Images

App's police department has addressed a serious issue that is a sad reality but a legitimate safety threat to all college students. The University Police provide other services to make the community safer and more comfortable on campus — both things that grooop thinks are important! These services include Crime Alerts, a service many schools use to quickly inform the campus about security threats, and Coffee with a Cop, which provides students with an opportunity to meet law enforcement officers and it allows police to build relationships within the community outside of emergency response situations.

We love hearing about the ways that colleges keep their students and faculty safe. Think your school has an interesting way of promoting campus safety? Let us know on!

Cori Patrick
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