College Prep: Safety Starts in High School

Hi friends!

Last week, the CEO and Founder of grooop, Nina Barnett, spoke at Virginia Episcopal School about the app and safety on high school campuses. The private boarding and day school welcomed what she had to share about app development and campus safety last Thursday in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Schools like VES provide their students with a prior look into the importance of personal safety. Other boarding schools, like the Asheville School, establish good habits for college — minding your dorm space and establishing comfort zones, among others.  Even high schools that do not include boarding programs have campuses that come with a unique set of obstacles to personal safety and comfort.

The purpose of grooop is for individuals to stay safe and connected with their friends in a fun and interactive way. While it was developed with college students in mind, the app is by no means restricted to undergraduate students. For those in high school, whether at a boarding school or living at home, grooop can be a way to establish strong habits of checking in with friends and maintaining accountability for each others' whereabouts.

There is never a "right" time to start focusing on personal safety. The time is now and always for every student — in high school, college, or beyond.

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager