Staying Safe Through Objects

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It may be a busy time in the semester for most, if not all of us, but safety is at the forefront of our minds at grooopThe app is always being updated to keep you safe and secure, but we want to keep you updated beyond the app. 

Many college students have their own tips and tricks of ways to make themselves feel safer. From pepper spray to alarm systems, each student has something unique up their sleeve. We want to share some with you all so that you know what options are available to keep you as safe as possible in any situation.

Self-Defense Key Chains. There exist endless options of keychains that double as self-defense mechanisms — we think they're awesome. This is a subtle way to stay protected and easy to remember, since you're likely to have your keys on you at most times anyway.

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Our favorite type of these keychains come in the shape of cat heads. The ears are pointy and in the event that you are attacked, you can use these to pack a powerful punch. They can be found at many different stores, including Walmart and DefenseDevices among others.

Pepper Spray. Pepper spray is a well known way to defend yourself against an attacker. It inflames a person's eyes causing temporary inability to see and (a lot of) pain. One advantage of pepper spray is that it can be used from a distance, which allows you to avoid any contact with an attacker. 

Some pepper sprays come as keychains as well and there is even one disguised to look like a tube of lipstick. The disadvantage of pepper spray is its harmful effect, which leads to controversy around its use even in cases of self-defense.

Undercover Colors. This nail polish is a wearable way to protect yourself from date-rape drugs. It identifies the drugs in a drink by changing colors when you dip your fingernail into it. Developed by four engineering students at North Carolina State University, Undercover Colors can detect a date rape drug within seconds.

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We like this way of staying safe because it is subtle and wearable. It also works immediately, meaning you can tell your friends you are "Ready to Go" before any further safety threat arises. While it is still a new development and has yet to become available to the public in mass amounts, we are really excited that this technology exists and that people are doing something about such a serious issue.

Others. In addition to these devices, many wearable personal safety alarms are in various stages of development and some are currently available for purchase at a range of prices. Some can sound a loud and attention-grabbing alarm in an emergency, while others can send a silent alarm to your closest circle. 

While many ways of protecting yourself exist, we think that it is up to you to decide what makes you feel the safest. Even if you never have to use any of these devices, just having them on your person can provide you with a peace of mind and a sense of control. We also think that knowledge is the most powerful tool — staying aware of your surroundings and knowing what potential threats exist can keep you safe and out of any potentially dangerous situations that would warrant the use of self-defense devices.

Think you have an awesome way of protecting yourself? Tell us about it!

Cori Patrick
Social Media Manager